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Attorney Profiles

Headen & Co., LLC (the “Firm”) is a solo/boutique business law firm owned by Raymond C. Headen (Brief Biography Below). Legal services rendered to clients of the Firm are delivered by the Firm and certain co-counsel law firms.

A local pilot program of business and public sector clients is planned within the coming months to build the foundation for a new scalable business law firm comprised of lawyers from the Firm and the Firm’s existing and future roster of co-counsels innovatively applying Opinion 2013-1 of the Ohio Supreme Court Board of Commissioners on Grievances and Discipline and using only recently available legal cloud practice management technology in order for the new law firm to harness and leverage the knowledge, skills, experience and client value proposition of high quality solo and boutique business lawyers and law firms that now can deliver legal services as one high quality, potential national, law firm.

Headen’s biography is listed below. In addition, for convenience, the Firm’s current list of co-counsels is included as well. This list of co-counsels is expected to grow and is not all inclusive.