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Attorney Profiles

Headen & Co., LLC (the “Firm”) is a solo/boutique business law firm owned by Raymond C. Headen (Brief Biography Below). Legal services rendered to clients of the Firm are delivered by the Firm and in certain instances by the Firm and certain co-counsel law firms.

For the past four years, Headen has worked with other trusted solo, small or boutique law firms (one, two or three lawyers preferred) to form on an “as needed basis” institutionalized rather than ad hoc co-counselling of client engagements.

Headen’s “institutionalized co-counselling” ® of client engagements on an “as needed basis” grows the revenues of the Firm and co-counsel law firms who can now harness, leverage and share knowledge, skills, years of experience, costs, resources and marketing to continue to deliver to their clients extraordinary legal services in a small firm environment, but often from a client’s perspective, providing these services as if delivered by a larger law firm.

For convenience, a list of several of the Firm’s co-counsels is included below. This list of co-counsels is not all inclusive.